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     Dr. Bahíyyah Maroon

GPN August Meeting

       It took only a few minutes for Dr. Bahíyyah Maroon to convince everyone at our August meeting that the world can be transformed into a better place.  By the end of our meeting, she had us equally convinced that we all had an important role to play in that effort.

        Dr. Maroon is the Senior Director of Research and Design at Eripio Institute.  Her institute takes its name from the Latin word to rescue- and in the process, to improve conditions for communities and the people who live in those communities.  Its mission is to grow the efforts of change makers, including governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations and social enterprises.  

      Dr. Maroon's special interest lies in collecting and presenting data that focuses on long-term social impact. The title of her presentation was "Winning Funding with Performance Measurements."  She described performance measurements that demonstrate: 1) the collective impact of partnerships as they respond to community needs, 2) the fiscal impact measured in return on investment, and 3) the intended, ten-year impact that reflects the aspirations of an organization's vision statement.

      By defining success in a more holistic and less parochial manner, the Eripio approach recognizes that what is best for society is also best for all members of that society.  Success is not a zero-sum game, but the result of a mutually beneficial synergy.  During her career, Dr. Maroon has specialized in promoting partnerships between institutions, businesses and diverse constituencies that lead to robust programs with sustainable funding sources.  To view her PowerPoint presentation:  Click Here

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